The Water Fairies Part 1 (Multi-Part Story)

Here’s a story I’m writing!


Ky walked slowly on the beach, along the ocean. She picked up shells as she went, and in the distance, although she didn’t know it, four other people were doing the same. She had picked up around fifteen shells when she saw one of significance. Flipping over the shell, she gasped as the saw something written on the inside: Cheyenne. She figured Cheyenne, the school’s queen bee, must have engraved her name the last time she was at the beach and then dropped the shell, so Ky pocketed the shell to return to her. But as she picked up more and more shells, she found three more with engravings. One said Rio, which was her best friend’s name, and another was engraved with Arianna, who was Cheyenne’s second in command. The third said Chloe. Ky had no idea who Chloe was. Regardless, she also pocketed that shell.
Ky now had thirty-some shells and decided that she was done looking for shells. She slowly walked to the path that lead away from the beach, and was surprised to find four other girls gathered in a group there. As she neared, she recognized them as Rio, Cheyenne, Arianna, and another girl she didn’t know. Rio saw her and waved. Ky hurried close and gasped when she saw that in their hands, each of them held four shells, each engraved with another person’s name.
Cheyenne, always the leader, spoke to Ky as Ky drew her four shells from her pocket. “So, what does this mean? It’s obviously not by chance that we all were walking along the beach and found shells that had each other’s names at the exact same time.”
The girl who must’ve been Chloe spoke. “I think someone’s trying to tell us something.”
“Yes,” said Ky, “but how did we all end up on the beach at the exact same time?”
“Yeah, how did we?” asked Rio.
And then Arianna whispered something so quiet it was barely audible:



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